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Armies Of Exigo




In the world of Exigo, where peace and prosperity have reigned for years, the empires of man and beast face their greatest threat yet. A sinister force known as The Fallen has awaken to strike from the underground, where the beasts and humans would least expect.
Players control of massive armies, wage wars in forests and river valleys of the surface, and descend into the caverns and catacombs of the underworld to face the dark evil.
Armies on all sides have the ability to delve deep underground traveling unseen or to burrow up to the surface to unleash powerful attacks. Players must devise new strategies for combat and defense as attacks can come from any directions.
Command the heavily fortified Empire race, and control an army of knights, dwarves, elves and gnomes. Ravage the plains with the nomadic Beast race, leading tribes of ogres, trolls and other fantastic creatures. Emerge from deep to consume the world of light with The Fallen race – a powerful force of dark elves, fallen warriors, swarming insects and other horrific creatures of the dark.
Engage in an epic three-part single player campaign and save the world of Exigo from the evil that threatens to plunge the world into darkness.
Go online for massive multiplayer skirmishes with up to 12 players striving to conquer the surface and underworld. Success can only be achieved through a balance of military might and strategic alliances.


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Posted January 3rd, 2010 by admin.
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One Response to “Armies Of Exigo”

  1. yeah, it seems they just changed around the colors. a few differences about how to get to stuff, but i’m new to it so i’m not positive where it all was before. i think the word count on writing is gone….anybody knows where it went…let me know!.

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