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James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace




James Bond: Quantum of Solace – new game based on Ian Fleming books, about the adventures of British spy, who is known since 1953. This character appearing in 14 novels and 22 films over the past few decades.

Special Agent 007 have begun to put into the game as far back as 1983, company Nintendo and EA. Now the company Activision in conjunction with Treyarch are developing a new game,

based on recentfilms about James Bond with Daniel Craig.

James Bond: Quantum of Solace will cover the subject of two recent films: Casino Royale and Quantum of Mercy. Treyarch takes a fairly standard approach to the game, in which Bond will be able to act as in the movie, fighting and shooting. Unfortunately, the game will not include the bed scenes, so that the inherent Bond.
Gameplay James Bond: Quantum of Solace varies by type of change between the first and third person.

Steps to secrecy and quiet look very good. It is also worth noting that the actions in the game did not provide any means of transportation, so the hero will have to move all the time on foot.


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Posted January 2nd, 2010 by admin.
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