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Kings Bounty The Legend



The adventure saga created in the best traditions legendary King’s Bounty, – a fascinating alloy of role game and the sated tactical battles. The hero (the soldier, the magician or paladin) and the whole army of its faithful companions travel on the huge continent representing of some tens of connected locations. Erection of kings on a throne and their further overthrow, rescue of the dragons who have fallen into clutches of princesses and search of piracy treasures, taming of obstinate ancient artefacts and the next applicants for world supremacy ? such are severe everyday life of the royal knight, which role is taken away to the player.

In a mode of real time the protagonist travels overland and water, underground and in heavens, investigating the world in search of treasures, meeting friends and enemies, improving the skills and abilities and carrying out commissions of kings.

During battles game passes in a tactical mode. Fights are developed on fighting arenas. The victory will get to the one who will most effectively dispose of the armies entrusted to it and will successfully take advantage of the magic book, having brought down on heads of enemies terrible spells on the force and having called powerful Spirits of Fury.

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Posted December 3rd, 2009 by admin.
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