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Sins of a Solar Empire:Entrenchment



The new inclusions are mines, new platform upgrades, and the addition of a star base. Mines are the cheapest of the new additions. Players will be able to lay mines down in hopes of slowing down the enemies from getting too close to their planets. As with all of the new upgrades, each mine really reflects the personality/play style of the faction. For instance, one has mines that slow enemies from coming close to the planet, while others have mines that go all out for destruction of the invading ships.

The next update is the new platform upgrades, which were the major defensive platform in the original game. The Advent platforms boost the shields of other platforms which make it harder to bust through. The Vasari platforms are very expensive but do a lot of damage to any enemy ship. The TEC cannons how do a short-range attack that shred through enemy armor like butter on a hot piece of toast. These new additions will really help out in the defense of the planets, and is made even better due to the relatively low cost they incur.

The biggest and most talked about upgrade is the new star bases. These new bases will make players quake in fear if they run into them by accident. What makes the bases so powerful are players have the ability to place them anywhere in the game, from planets, stars, worm holes, and even the enemy planets. The only issue is the amount of resources it takes to actually get one fully operational. Another good thing about star bases is that players can build as many as they want, or as their tactical slots allow.

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Posted December 3rd, 2009 by admin.
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