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Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow



The news of “Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow” are not few. Sam Fisher will have a new arsenal to help you with your missions. The laser-sight, for example, promises a long-range shooting more accurate. Following an idea of “Metal Gear” control is an indicator of danger. By vibration, Sam can not know or is about to step on a mine.

The spy seems to have spent more time at the academy of espionage, it returns full of new tricks: if hanging upside down, jump with the help of objects and rolling on the floor are just some of the 10 movements that promise more action to the playable.

And by talking about the playable, the Ubi Soft heard the criticism and changed the structure of phases. Now Sam will not have to follow a single path and may choose different paths to accomplish their missions. Each track brings unique challenges, which will increase the life of the game.

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Posted December 3rd, 2009 by admin.
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